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June 18, 2019 | Allegretto Vineyards

Allegretto Wines Of Paso Robles Announces The Best Single Vineyard Wines For Summer

best single vinyard wines Paso Robles

For Allegretto Wines, it means the grapes in the vineyards that produce some of best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles are ripening and preparing themselves for harvest. 

More than just a day when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, the summer solstice marks a season of ripeness — ripening crops, nesting birds, fledglings taking wing, fawns and foals frolicking alongside their dams, and bees and hummingbirds among the flowers. 

It is the time when a long year of hard work is rewarded with leisure, vacations, summer parties and good company. What better polishing touch to a backyard party or an elegant summer wedding than the perfect summer wine?  

Allegretto Wines announces the tasting room staff’s top three choices for summer wines: 
 Allegretto Brut Sparkling, Paso Robles 2018: Aromas of bright Grapefruit and earthy lemongrass burst through while flavors of crisp green apple settles on the palate.
 Allegretto Viognier, Bella Colina Vineyard 2016: Aromas of Jasmine, pineapple and warm peach, this delicate wine is brightened by subtle notes of lemon grass, honeysuckle and crisp Asian pear.
 Allegretto Rose of Tannat, Paso Robles 2018: The perfect summer wine with aromas of strawberry and tropical flavors of guava with a light touch of cinnamon.


Every wine appreciator looks forward to enjoying crisp, fruity wine at the end of a warm summer day in the company of good friends. These three Allegretto wines are the perfect complement to any summer solstice get-together. 

Celebrating this time of year is one way we honor the season that puts food in our bellies and wine in our glasses. Humankind has acknowledged the turning of the sun since we began leaving tracks in the mud and sand. The hunter-gatherers and the agrarian cultures that followed did not miss the meaning of the season. Everyone knew their lives depended on getting the best from the bounty this time of year provides. Just as the winter solstice represents the return of the sun and life-giving light, the summer solstice represents a season of fertility and plenty. 

We celebrate summer in as many different ways as we have different cultures. Today people host summer solstice parties, gather at the beach with a bonfire, spend meditative time alone or participate in ages-old rituals. Regardless of how it is celebrated, solstice signifies a time when nature is at her fullness. 

Enjoying this longest day means joining friends and family over good food and good wine and a visit to Allegretto Wines is just the way to make it happen. Bring friends, and the kids are welcome in the family-friendly patio. Enjoy some food and the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles. Be sure to enjoy at least one of the Allegretto Wine Staff Top Summer Wine Picks. Join the wine club for membership discounts and benefits. Buy a bottle or two and get free flight tastings. 

The Allegretto Wine tasting room is located inside the picturesque Allegretto Vineyard Resort off Highway 46 East at 2700 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles. Hours are Wed - Sat 11 a.m. - 6:45 p.m. / Sun and Mon 2 - 6:45 p.m. / Tuesday by reservation. For more information or for reservations call (805) 369-2526. 

Allegretto Wines
2700 Buena Vista Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 369-2526

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Allegretto Vineyards
May 29, 2019 | Allegretto Vineyards

Allegretto Wines Releases The Report ‘Storage Tips For Wine Collectors’

best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles

Allegretto Wines, the source for some of the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles, has released the report ‘Storage Tips for Wine Collectors.’ “One of the conversation topics in our tasting room is the best storage methods for wine,” said Quin Cody, Director of Hospitality, “the tips in this report are going to help answer some of those questions.” 
The report provides information for estimating the storage space, storage methods, the best temperatures for storing and serving, and some creative ideas for building a wine cellar on a budget. 

Figuring out storage space

The storage space needed depends on how many bottles you would like to have on hand, or already have but don’t have adequate space. Buying a wine refrigerator is a common solution to storing wine, but sometimes the wine refrigerator you would like costs more than the family budget allows. 
There are options for adding or increasing wine cellar space that include re-purposing a closet or cabinet or even adding a “wine room” in the garage. But before getting into remodeling ideas, you still need to know how many bottles you want to have available. 
Here is a quick estimate (based on ceilings that are nine feet high): 
• 500 bottles or less needs about 25 square feet of space
• 1,000 bottles would use 50 square feet 
You might think that 500 bottles is a lot of wine, but if you are single and drink a bottle with dinner three or four nights a week, that could come to more than 200 bottles a year plus what you share with company and gift to friends and family. If you entertain frequently you can reach 500 bottles a year easily.
You want the space to include wines that you are allowing to age, those you are keeping for special occasions and those you will be drinking soon. 
Once you calculate how many bottles of wine you want to keep, you can decide on the best affordable storage method that is going to meet the temperature and humidity needs of your special wines. 
Temperature, UV light, and humidity.
Wine is typically stored at one temperature and served at a different temperature. The ideal storage temperature for most reds and whites is 55 degrees. Serving temperatures vary by the wine: 
• Traditionally, red wines were served at room temperature, but the modern-day thermostat means homes are kept at a variety of temperatures for personal comfort. The ideal serving temperature for red wine is from 60 - 65 degrees F. 
• White wines are best served slightly chilled between 50 - 60 degrees. 
• Sparkling wines and champagne usually taste best chilled to around 40 degrees. 
The kitchen refrigerator temperature is usually at around 40 degrees F. Too cold to store wine but a good temperature to chill a sparkling wine. If you are not sure when the wine has reached the appropriate serving temperature you can use an inexpensive wine bottle thermometer to know when the bottle is ready to pour.

UV rays and humidity

UV rays cause chemical reactions that can change a wine’s flavor and color in unfavorable ways. Keep your wine collection out of the sunlight. 
Corked wines need sufficient humidity at around 70-percent to keep the corks moist and expanded so some kind of humidity control is important. Store corked wines on their sides to help keep the cork moist.  
Screw top bottles don’t require the same kind of humidity control, but since most people collect both corked and screw topped wines these days, humidity control is the best way to go. 

The ‘cellar’

Most of us don’t have the space or finances for a high-tech wine cellar with sophisticated humidity and temperature controls and there are affordable options. 
Wine coolers, or refrigerators, start at around $200 for 20 or so bottles of wine and price upwards from there. When space is an option, some wine refrigerators can be stored in closets or in the garage and this works perfectly for many people. 
Some collectors want a more formal “cellar.” Remodeling closets, under stair spaces, kitchens, and garages are becoming popular ways to create dedicated wine storage. There are several good do-it-yourself sources on the Internet, or give your local construction company a call for an estimate. 
If you are collecting as an investment, leasing commercial wine storage is a safe way to protect your investment. 

About the Allegretto Wines
Good conversation is part of the wine experience, especially at the Allegretto Wines tasting room. Drop in for a unique tasting experience, good conversation and a staff that enjoys answering questions and keeping the conversation going. The tasting room is located at 2700 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles. Hours are Sunday and Monday 1 - 7 p.m.; Wed - Sat noon - 7 p.m. Tuesdays are by reservation only. 

Allegretto Wines
2700 Buena Vista Drive
Paso Robles CA 93446
(805) 369-2526


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Allegretto Vineyards
February 28, 2019 | Allegretto Vineyards

Tips for keeping a wine journal

best single vineyard wines Paso Robles

There are those people who seem to remember every bottle of wine they have ever opened or tasted. They can reel off the winery’s name, vineyards the grapes came from, the vintage and the winemaker’s process for that year. Then there are those of us who remember that the “wine was really good” and forget everything else. Next thing, there we are wandering the wine aisle hoping to recognize the label, feeling intimidated by the woman who breezes past and confidently grabs a couple bottles.

“I should keep a wine journal,” you mutter to yourself.

The staff from Allegretto tasting room, the home of some of the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles, have some easy tips for keeping a wine journal that is going to build your knowledge and appreciation of wine.

Starting your journal

You can buy wine journals that are ready to open and start writing, or you can create your own with an inexpensive notebook. Some experts suggest using a binder so pages can be removed and filed and new blank pages added as the journal grows.

If you create your own, here are topics that will help you get the most from your journal:

The description of the wine, vineyard, year and type of grape
Where you are when enjoying the wine
The date and location and if you like, the names of the friends or family members you were with. Sometimes you might find it helpful to record the names of people you talk to, and the names of the tasting room staff or server who helped you.
It can be helpful to write down what you might have eaten with the wine. Food greatly affects the taste of the wine.
What you like or not about the wine, including flavor, aroma and anything else that stands out for you.
Creating your own wine tasters glossary or downloading one from the Internet can help you remember terms like “best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles,” or what “estate wine,” or other terms mean.

If you are using a loose-leaf binder, type up a list of the topics and copy the pages. If you are using a notebook, make up some “cheater cards” with the topics you want to cover and insert them in various places in the notebook. Eventually you won’t need the cards as reminders, but in the beginning they might be helpful so you don’t forget to record something important.

Using the journal

The more wine you taste and record the more knowledgeable you will become, but is it practical to take your wine journal everywhere you go?

Enjoying and recording a new wine at home is uncomplicated. Open the bottle, kick back on the sofa and enjoy and write. Some people like to remove the label and keep it in their wine journal as an added source of information. Plus, some wine labels are miniature works of art and worth saving.  

Opening your journal on the tasting room bar will most likely start interesting conversations with other visitors and the tasting room staff. You’ll probably make new friends and learn a lot about wine, too.

“Should I take my wine journal on a date?” That’s entirely up to you and how comfortable you feel. Then there’s the chance that your best friend will be annoyed because you spent part of her birthday dinner writing in your journal. Why not just take a few photos of the wine label and jot a few notes into your cell phone notes app? It’s not much different than taking a photo of your meal. You can transfer the information to your journal later.

Definitely take your journal with you when you visit the Allegretto Vineyards and Wine tasting room in Paso Robles. The tasting room staff is very helpful and always excited to talk about wine and wine tasting.

When and where you take your journal is entirely up to you. Of course, it makes sense to take it when you go wine tasting. Your goal is to keep track of wine you enjoy, to learn more about new wine, and to breeze down the wine aisle and know exactly what you want.  

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Allegretto Vineyards
February 7, 2019 | Allegretto Vineyards

Allegretto Vineyard Tasting Room Hosting Art Bar And Featuring Award Winning Estate Wines In Paso Robles

The tasting room at Allegretto Vineyard and Wines, home of award winning estate wines in Paso Robles, is hosting “Art Bar,” an afternoon of painting and wine. “This is a great opportunity for people to relax and enjoy some painting lessons from local artist, Heather Millenaar,” said Quin Cody, Director of Hospitality.

The first two Art Bars are scheduled for February 16 and May 11 from 1-3 p.m. both days. The paintings will focus on the beautiful scenery and surroundings that can be seen from the Allegretto Vineyard Resort and the tasting room. Under the skilled guidance of Heather Millenaar, participants will paint scenes that capture their fancy.

The class takes place on the Allegretto Wines patio and the fee includes a glass of Allegretto award winning estate wine from the Paso Robles vineyards.

Heather Millenaar is a local artist, based in Atascadero. Her work is well known for capturing a moment with textured brush strokes and vivid colors. “Being faced with the ever-changing challenge of capturing the scene with just a few colors and brushes is the greatest game while being surrounded by a crowd and rolling with a new environment and energy at every event,” said Millenaar. Among Millenaar’s notable work is the “Woman’s Republic” mural on El Camino Real in Atascadero. Property owner, Mike Zappas, commissioned Millennaar to paint two public murals for his El Camino Real properties.

The February 16 and May 11 Art Bars are the first ventures for the Allegretto tasting room. More Art Bars are in future plans and those dates will be announced as they are scheduled.

The fee is $50 and includes art supplies and the first glass of wine. The Art Bar is being held at the Allegretto Vineyard and Wine tasting room at 2700 Buena Vista Drive, #101, Paso Robles, CA. The class will move inside in the event of rain. Guests are invited to stay after the class and enjoy a snack or light meal ordered from the menu. For reservations and for more information, call Allegretto Vineyards and Wine tasting room at (805) 369-2526

The Allegretto Vineyard and Wines tasting room was recently featured in the San Luis Obispo County Visitors Guide. The wine menu tasting room includes flights of Paso Robles award winning estate white and rosé wines, and estate malbec, tannat, zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon. Four different flights of award-winning wine are available. The tasting room is open Sunday and Monday 1 - 7 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday noon - 7 p.m. and Tuesday by reservation.

Allegretto Vineyards and Wines

2700 Buena Vista Dr. #101

Paso Robles, CA 93446

(805) 369-2526

This press release is by Paso Robles winery and vineyard marketing company, Access Publishing, 806 9th Street, #2D, Paso Robles, CA 93446, (805) 226-9890.

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Allegretto Vineyards
February 7, 2019 | Allegretto Vineyards

The basics of biodynamic vineyard practices

 award winning estate wines in Paso Robles

As more vineyards are turning to biodynamic vineyard practices and biodynamic wine is gaining public attention, more people are asking questions.

Is biodynamic wine the same thing as organic wine?
What makes a vineyard “biodynamic?”
Is there a biodynamic certification?

The staff at the Allegretto Vineyards Tasting room, the home of award winning Paso Robles estate wines, has the answers to these questions. 

Biodynamic vineyard practices are based in biodynamic farming or gardening practices that were developed by Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner. Somewhat similar to organic farming, two things distinguish biodynamic farming from organic farming:

The use of a complex system of herbal sprays and composting techniques, known as 'preparations'.
The timing of the operations on the land, which are strictly regulated by the movements of the moon and planets, which make up the biodynamic calendar.

Is biodynamic wine the same thing as organic wine?

Both are similar in the sense that biodynamic and organic are based in practices that don’t use chemicals. The biodynamic principles take a few more steps than organic. Biodynamic farming includes the influences of the lunar calendar and astrology. Biodynamic farming principles consider the farm, or vineyard, and everything on it—other plants, insects, animals—to be part of a living organism. Biodynamic wine is one of the end products of these practices. The end result is wine—fine wine for all to enjoy.

What makes a vineyard “biodynamic?”

According to the Biodynamic Association, “Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition.”

Biodynamic farming, including vineyard management that results in biodynamic wine, is a set of farming practices that view the farm as a single organism. Each portion of the farm functions as a whole with each portion contributing to the next. The idea is that the practices create a self-sustaining system sustained by natural materials, composts, and soil. Animals such as ducks, chickens, horses, sheep live on the land, fertilize the soil, and create a rich fertile environment.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are forbidden for the sake of soil fertility.
Biodynamic farming also seeks sustainability, or leaving the land in as good or better shape as they found it for future generations.

Farming practices, from soil preparation to harvesting, are controlled by the biodynamic calendar, which is influenced by the lunar calendar and the planets. Days on the calendar have specific tasks that are associated with the Earth’s four classic elements, earth or soil, air, fire, and water. Certain tasks, such as watering and harvesting, take place on certain days.


One of the foundations of biodynamic farming is preparing the land. This preparation involves special composting and field preparations. Even though crops may already be growing, these preparations can still be implemented to begin the biodynamic cycle.

The initial composting is know as the “cow horn” preparation. Specific composting compounds are prepared which include cow manure, herbs, and other plants. These compounds are placed inside of cow horns and buried in different locations on the land. Later, the cow horns are dug up and the contents spread on the land. The horn must be from a cow, not a bull or steer.

There are additional composting practices, using other composting compounds, that are practiced at different seasons.

This description of biodynamic farming and vineyard practices is very high level. One way to learn more of the interesting details is to visit the Allegretto Vineyard tasting room, enjoy some excellent Paso Robles award winning estate wine while discussing biodynamic vineyard practices with the tasting room staff.

Is there a biodynamic certification?

The Demeter Associaton, Inc. is the driving organization behind biodynamic certification for biodynamic farms and products in the USA Basically, the requirements for certification include meeting all of the certification requirements under the National Organic Program plus meeting the more extensive Demeter standards. These standards emphasize solutions for disease, pest and weed control, and specifications around water conservation and biodiversity.

In the case of vineyards and wine, grapes from a biodynamic certified vineyard are biodynamic grapes. But, the process to get to biodynamic certified wine the Demeter Wine Processing Standard must be met.

This standard has two labeling categories:  "Biodynamic® Wine” (the most rigorous category),  and "Made with Biodynamic® grapes.”
Both categories permit the use of a specified amount of sulfites, approved yeast nutrients, Bentonite for protein stabilization, and Biodynamic or organic egg whites for tannin fining.
Both prohibit the addition of outside aromatic yeast, malo-lactic bacteria, enzymes or tannins.
The “Made with Biodynamic® grapes” category also permits limited sugar and acidity adjustments and some variance allowing the addition of a neutral yeast strain in certain documented cases.

Never miss an opportunity to learn more

Wine, vineyards, winemaking processes, grapes, and harvesting are only a few of the conversations taking place at the Allegretto vineyard tasting room on any give day. Good conversation is part of the wine experience. Drop in for a unique tasting experience and good conversation.

The tasting room is located at 2700 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles. Hours are Sunday and Monday 1 - 7 p.m; Wed to Sat noon - 7 p.m. Tuesdays are by reservation only. Phone (805) 369-2526.


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Allegretto Vineyards
November 13, 2018 | Allegretto Vineyards

Best reasons for joining a wine club

Best reasons for joining a wine club

Why do people join clubs? Some of the top reasons are that a club is a great place for companionship and meeting new people with shared interests, learning and exploring, and sometimes getting good deals on favorite activities. The best reasons for joining a wine club, like the Allegretto Vineyard and Wines club, are pretty much the same, plus you get wine! Not just any wine, some of the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles are available to members for very nice discounts!

paso robles wine club

Companionship and shared interests

Wine club membership is not required for visiting the tasting room, but there certainly can be benefits with membership.

Taking visiting friends and family wine tasting is a popular pass time in wine country. Sharing your favorite wine and winery with guests can be a special opportunity for everyone. What better way to introduce your favorite people to more choices from a favored winery than by visiting the tasting room? The wine from your wine club collection that you shared over dinner the evening before can be a starting-point for your friends’ tasting room experiences.

Good conversation, good food and good wine go together, whether at home, over lunch or dinner or touring tasting rooms. Wine club membership provides an opportunity to build a private collection that you can share with other wine enthusiasts and novices. Invite friends over for a tasting party when a new delivery arrives. Always have a bottle or two of excellent wine on hand when invited out, or just to enjoy with a good book or favorite TV program.

Learning and exploring

Most people join a wine club after visiting the tasting room and learning about the wines. The Allegretto Winery tasting room staff always has the time to answer questions about the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles, wine in general, and talk about food pairings—or the more subtle flavor balancing —explain the Allegretto growing and winemaking process for each wine and chat about favorite films, books, or just about any other topic.

Subscribing to a free newsletter is another way to learn about wine and take advantage of other special offers.

The best deals on favorite wine

Wine club membership is convenient. Favorite wines are delivered on a regular schedule directly to home or office. Membership includes discounts on wine both for the delivery and by the bottle. The Allegretto Wine Club membership also includes discounts on merchandise and some events as well as invitations to member only events.

The best single vineyard Paso Robles wine club memberships include:

Symphony, a 25-percent discount on 12 bottles that are released three times a year.
Sonata, a six-bottle membership for wine released three times a year, plus 20-percent off of any bottle and merchandise.
Quartet, a four-bottle membership for wine released three times a year, plus 15-percent off of any bottle and merchandise.

Enjoyment of the tasting room, the Allegretto Resort and frequently announced Wine Club Member Only benefits are included.

Joining is easy, either at the tasting room or online.

Visit the tasting room

The wine menu at the Allegretto Vineyard and Wines tasting room include flights presenting estate white and rosé wines, and estate malbec, tannat, zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon.  Four different flights of award-winning wine are available. A special tasting room food menu from Allegretto Resort’s Cello Ristorante & Bar can be enjoyed with a bottle of wine in the family-friendly courtyard.

The Allegretto Vineyard and Wines tasting room is located at 2700 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles, CA 93446. Give us a call at (805) 369-2526.

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Allegretto Vineyards
November 13, 2018 | Allegretto Vineyards

White wine? It’s cold outside!

White wine? It’s cold outside!

The next time a friend raises an eyebrow when you serve white wine in front of the fireplace say, “It’s Duetto.” Allegretto’s Duetto, to be precise, another prize from the Allegretto Vineyard collection of award winning Paso Robles estate wines.

paso robles white wine 

Pairing wines to seasons is becoming as old-hat as limiting red wine to beef and white wine to fish. Allegretto Vineyard is leading the charge into eliminating seasons for wine with their Duetto White blend of Vermentino and Viognier. This white wine’s fall notes of cardamom and maple make it perfect for balancing with a rich winter stew and warm biscuits, or any other cold day comfort food. Wine enthusiasts are shedding the old seasonal and food pairing restrictions in favor of more personal and adventurous taste experiences.

Who knows how the seasonal traditions got started. Maybe because those old-world castles were just too cold from October to May and the lords and ladies wanted deeper red wine to warm their blood? The truth is, some people have been enjoying white wine for the entire year, even with steak and when outside temperatures are near freezing. Now, those former renegades can stop hiding in their wine cellars and take their places as pioneers in the wine world. The Duetto from Allegretto’s award winning Paso Robles estate wine offerings is a good choice to start with.

Think about it. Do you only eat chocolate on Valentine’s, drink champagne on New Year’s Eve, and who hasn’t enjoyed an ice-cold beer in December? Admit it. You have enjoyed a glass of red wine with a chicken dinner. Why? Because the herbs and oil roasted into the chicken combined with those sips of red wine set off a special flavor experience you crave, again and again. It’s no different for enjoying white wine when there is frost on the ground.

Actually, white wine is not supposed to be consumed straight out of the fridge at its coldest. The best temperature for serving white wine is between 49-55°F. If it has been stored in the fridge, giving it 30 minutes on the counter before pouring opens the aroma and flavor and adds an interesting body to support heavier cold-weather meals.

More reason to enjoy white wine any time of the year; the popular medical advice website, Web M.D. says that white wine might be even better for health than red wine:

White wine is full of phenolic compounds, which are antioxidants.
Moderate consumption of white wine helps heart and artery function.
A little glass of white wine may be helping you stay slim.

Sipping crisp wine with a meal can add lighter flavor undertones to the richer food we tend to consume in cold weather. Try a glass of Alegretto’s Duetto with roasted rabbit and red potatoes or a good old-fashioned homemade meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes. When the days warm up, enjoy Duetto with a smoked salmon salad and crusty French bread. Take a bottle to a holiday party and lead your friends on a new winter wine adventure.

Allegretto Duetto is only available from the Allegretto Vineyard and Wines or the Allegretto Resort Cello Restorante and Bar. The Duetto is one of the featured wines on the tasting room’s wine menu. The Allegretto Vineyard and Wines tasting room is located at 2700 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles, CA 93446. Give us a call at (805) 369-2526.


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Allegretto Vineyards
August 31, 2018 | Allegretto Vineyards

Allegretto Vineyards and Wines Featuring Paso Robles Single Vineyard Wines During May Wine Festival

Allegretto Vineyards and Wines, well-known for some of the best single vineyard wines in the Paso Robles region, is offering a special price on the 2016 Tannat Rose for the upcoming Paso Robles Wine Festival. The special per-bottle price is only available at the wineries new, recently opened, tasting room. 

Best single vineyard Paso Robles wine

Normally selling for $25, the special price for the Tannat Rose during the four-day festival is $19. The festival, sponsored by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance is from May 17-20 with a main event on Saturday in the Paso Robles Downtown City Park. 

Quin Cody, Allegretto’s Director of Hospitality, said, “We are also offering special appetizers on the Saturday of the festival to complement the rose.” Visitors to the tasting room can also order food from the nearby Cello Ristorante and Bar to enjoy in the courtyard with a bottle of wine. The tasting room’s courtyard is family-friendly. 

The tasting room features award winning wines from Allegretto Vineyards Paso Robles single vineyard and estate wines. Allegretto produces award winning, small lot, single vineyard and estate wines aged in French oak. The artisanal wines available in the tasting room include; Chardonnay, Viognier, Tannat Rose, Malbec, Tannat, Zinfandel, and three unique varieties of single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet, Zinfandel, Tannat and Viognier were all medal winners in the 2017 San Francisco International wine competition. 

Flights include a choice of four Allegretto artisan estate wines each poured in an individual glass in a graceful, calm and elegant setting.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff makes the time for in-depth discussion of each wine during tasting. The tasting fee is waived with the purchase of two or more bottles of wine. 

Since purchasing his first acreage of Cabernet Sauvignon Willow Creek District vines fifteen years ago, owner Douglas Ayers has nurtured those vines plus an eight additional acres to produce some of the best single vineyard and estate wines from the Paso Robles region. The years of careful cultivation have yielded wines that are consistent medal winners. 

Allegretto’s tasting room is open, Wednesday-Sunday 11 a.m.-7 p.m. and Monday and Tuesday by appointment only. The winery is located for easy access just off of Highway 46 East in Paso Robles, adjacent to the Allegretto Vineyard Resort. Parking is abundant and a Tesla Electric Vehicle charging station is available for tasting room guests. 

Allegretto Vineyards and Wines
2700 Buena Vista Drive 
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 369-2526

Press release is by Paso Robles SEO company Access Publishing, 806 9th Street, #2D, Paso Robles, CA 93446, (805) 226-9890.

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Experience award winning estate wines in Paso Robles at the Allegretto Tasting Room

The Allegretto Tasting Room offers a unique opportunity to sample some of the region’s best award-winning wines. Both estate and single vineyard wines are available from the Allegretto vineyards that surround the tasting room and the nearby Willow Creek District Wine tasting at Allegreto Tasting room gets you a fresh glass after each tasting and explanations about the wine. Purchase at least two bottles and the tasting fee is waived. Food and wine by the bottle are available in the family-friendly courtyard. The wine tasting list includes the gold medal winning 2013 and the 2014 single vineyard cabernet sauvignon, both from the Willow Creek Vineyard. The tasting room is also the place to experience a unique “flavor balancing” experience that adds a completely new view to wine and food pairings. The flavor balancing seminar was brought to Allegretto by John Stallcup, the Director of Wine Hospitality. John, the former Marketing VP for the wine group also co-founded the Napa Seasoning Company with Tim Hanni, MW, one of the originators of Flavor Balancing as well as being the first American to pass the Master of Wine Exam and the inventor of the Progressive Wine List. Flavor balancing has been adopted by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust not to mention a growing group of chefs, including Allegretto’s Chef Eric Olson, Jeremiah Tower, Michel Trama in Bordeaux, France, and Sarah Scott in the Napa Valley. Flavor balancing is a technique to learning to drink the wines one prefers with the food one likes to eat. Yes! White wine with steak! And here is how it’s done!

Flavor balancing—pairing wine with the diner

Because humans adapt to any sensation of sound, sight, hearing, touch, aroma or taste we can experience negative adaptations. The easiest way to understand a negative adaptation for tasting food is to brush your teeth and then drink orange juice. You experience only the bitterness of the orange juice because your taste adapted to the sweetness and it disappears to your sense of taste. When you “flavor balance” you avoid negative adaptations and accentuate positive ones. By adjusting the acid, salt, savory (umami) and bitterness levels, while avoiding sugar in entrees and sides, chefs create a balance that allows wine to work perfectly with a dish, regardless of the wine selection. Flavor balancing is the basis of many foods in wine cultures like Italy, which serves lemon with its famed Steak Florentine. It also works with cuisines that are popularly considered more difficult to pair with wines, like Thai, Chinese, and Indian. To experience flavor balancing at the Allegretto Tasting Room, first call ahead to schedule the time. You and your guests will have personal attention while engaging in the hands-on exercise of balancing the five primary tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. By balancing the primary tastes in the food you avoid negative adaptations, enhance positive adaptations and thereby enhance the experience of food and wine. Guests will also learn about negative and positive adaptations, how to avoid them as well as the difference between flavor and taste. You will learn how to pair wine with the diner, not the dinner.


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and be automatically entered to win two nights at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort. Your stay will include complimentary wine tasting and discounts on your purchase.