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Allegretto Vineyards and Wines

Visit the Allegretto Tasting Room for the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles

Award winning single vineyard and estate wines top the tasting menu at Allegretto Tasting Room. The product of years of careful cultivation and care of two vineyards have yielded wines that regularly win medals around the state. Recent winners include: 

2013 Tannat won Best of Class and Gold at the Central Coast Wine Competition, Silver at the Orange County Fair Wine Competition and "Double Gold" at the San Francisco International Wine Competition
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon won Gold at the Central Coast Wine Competition, Silver at the Orange County Fair Wine Competition and Gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition
2014 Viognier won Bronze at the Orange County Fair Wine Competition and Silver at the San Francisco International Wine Competition
2013 Zinfandel won Gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition and Silver at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon won Gold at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Douglas Ayers first purchased seventeen-acre premium Cabernet Sauvignon Willow Creek District vineyard fifteen years ago. That purchase brought Ayers’ long time dream of making world class wine to life and shortly after he purchased twenty more acres. 

Ayers planted eight acres of with Viognier, Vermentino, Malbec, Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon on a section of the twenty acres. With the help of award-winning winemaker, Alan Kinne, the vineyards have produced some of the Paso Robles region’s best single vineyard wines. 

The Wine Menu

 $20 Tasting — Four Estate White and Rosé Wines 

Tasting Fee Waived with Purchase of Two Bottles

Duetto, Allegretto Vineyard 2015 $29/Club $23 

Co-fermenting viognier with vermentino produces a remarkable balance with aromas of crème brûlée, pineapple, orange blossom, green apple, and lime with a medium body. 

Chardonnay, Paso Robles 2015 $34/Club $27.20 

A medium bodied estate grown chardonnay aged in neutral oak, expresses the traditional well balanced medium bodied chardonnay with flavors of apple, and pear with tropical notes. 

Viognier, Bella Colina Vineyard 2014 $35/Club $28 

Aromas of crème brûlée, pineapple and orange blossom, this elegant wine is brightened by flavors of juicy tangerine, lemon curd and crisp Asian pear. 


$25 Tasting ——Four Estate Red Wines 

Tasting Fee Waived with Purchase of Two Bottles


Malbec, Allegretto Vineyard 2014 $42/Club $33.60 

Classic aromas of blackberry, plum, and black cherry, with cocoa powder, violet flowers, leather and a long soft tannin finish. 

Tannat, Allegretto Vineyard 2015 $55/Club $44 

Medium bodied with the classic notes of tannat. Cinnamon and anise, followed by hints of red cherries. Rich, yet supple, with a lingering finish. 

Zinfandel, Loma Linda Vineyard 2013 $35/Club $28 

An elegant balanced zinfandel, with notes of white pepper, ginger, baking spices, a deep violet full bodied wine. Wild blueberries and blackberry compote on the mid palate. 

Cabernet Sauvignon, Willow Creek Vineyard 2013 $68/Club $54.40 

Layers of black currant, wild blueberries, and green peppercorn, firm 


$25 Tasting—Cabernet Sauvignons 

Tasting Fee Waived with Purchase of Two Bottles 

Cabernet Sauvignon, Willow Creek Vineyard 2013 $68/Club $54.40 

Layers of black currant, wild blueberries, and green peppercorn, firm yet supple tannins, rich mouthfeel with a long smooth finish. A classic cabernet. 

Cabernet Sauvignon, Willow Creek Vineyard 2014 $75/Club $60.00 

Moderately fruit forward, big & bold filled with savory notes opulent layers of black currants; wild blackberries and green peppercorn carry through to the palate, which is accented by firm tannins & a rich mouth feel. A Long lingering, velvety finish reminiscent of an aged first growth Bordeaux. 

Cabernet Sauvignon, Sharps Hill Vineyard 2010 $79/Club $63.20 

Aromas of black tea, tobacco, cardamom with complex intense dark fruit on the mid palate, rich mouthfeel with finish of velvety soft tannins. 


Tannat, Bella Colina Vineyard, 2013 $80/Club $64.00 

Inquire - limited supply available! 


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Experience award winning estate wines in Paso Robles at the Allegretto Tasting Room

The Allegretto Tasting Room offers a unique opportunity to sample some of the region’s best award-winning wines. Both estate and single vineyard wines are available from the Allegretto vineyards that surround the tasting room and the nearby Willow Creek District Wine tasting at Allegreto Tasting room gets you a fresh glass after each tasting and explanations about the wine. Purchase at least two bottles and the tasting fee is waived. Food and wine by the bottle are available in the family-friendly courtyard. The wine tasting list includes the gold medal winning 2013 and the 2014 single vineyard cabernet sauvignon, both from the Willow Creek Vineyard. The tasting room is also the place to experience a unique “flavor balancing” experience that adds a completely new view to wine and food pairings. The flavor balancing seminar was brought to Allegretto by John Stallcup, the Director of Wine Hospitality. John, the former Marketing VP for the wine group also co-founded the Napa Seasoning Company with Tim Hanni, MW, one of the originators of Flavor Balancing as well as being the first American to pass the Master of Wine Exam and the inventor of the Progressive Wine List. Flavor balancing has been adopted by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust not to mention a growing group of chefs, including Allegretto’s Chef Eric Olson, Jeremiah Tower, Michel Trama in Bordeaux, France, and Sarah Scott in the Napa Valley. Flavor balancing is a technique to learning to drink the wines one prefers with the food one likes to eat. Yes! White wine with steak! And here is how it’s done!

Flavor balancing—pairing wine with the diner

Because humans adapt to any sensation of sound, sight, hearing, touch, aroma or taste we can experience negative adaptations. The easiest way to understand a negative adaptation for tasting food is to brush your teeth and then drink orange juice. You experience only the bitterness of the orange juice because your taste adapted to the sweetness and it disappears to your sense of taste. When you “flavor balance” you avoid negative adaptations and accentuate positive ones. By adjusting the acid, salt, savory (umami) and bitterness levels, while avoiding sugar in entrees and sides, chefs create a balance that allows wine to work perfectly with a dish, regardless of the wine selection. Flavor balancing is the basis of many foods in wine cultures like Italy, which serves lemon with its famed Steak Florentine. It also works with cuisines that are popularly considered more difficult to pair with wines, like Thai, Chinese, and Indian. To experience flavor balancing at the Allegretto Tasting Room, first call ahead to schedule the time. You and your guests will have personal attention while engaging in the hands-on exercise of balancing the five primary tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. By balancing the primary tastes in the food you avoid negative adaptations, enhance positive adaptations and thereby enhance the experience of food and wine. Guests will also learn about negative and positive adaptations, how to avoid them as well as the difference between flavor and taste. You will learn how to pair wine with the diner, not the dinner.


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