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November 13, 2018 | Allegretto Vineyards News | Allegretto Vineyards

Best reasons for joining a wine club

Best reasons for joining a wine club

Why do people join clubs? Some of the top reasons are that a club is a great place for companionship and meeting new people with shared interests, learning and exploring, and sometimes getting good deals on favorite activities. The best reasons for joining a wine club, like the Allegretto Vineyard and Wines club, are pretty much the same, plus you get wine! Not just any wine, some of the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles are available to members for very nice discounts!

paso robles wine club

Companionship and shared interests

Wine club membership is not required for visiting the tasting room, but there certainly can be benefits with membership.

Taking visiting friends and family wine tasting is a popular pass time in wine country. Sharing your favorite wine and winery with guests can be a special opportunity for everyone. What better way to introduce your favorite people to more choices from a favored winery than by visiting the tasting room? The wine from your wine club collection that you shared over dinner the evening before can be a starting-point for your friends’ tasting room experiences.

Good conversation, good food and good wine go together, whether at home, over lunch or dinner or touring tasting rooms. Wine club membership provides an opportunity to build a private collection that you can share with other wine enthusiasts and novices. Invite friends over for a tasting party when a new delivery arrives. Always have a bottle or two of excellent wine on hand when invited out, or just to enjoy with a good book or favorite TV program.

Learning and exploring

Most people join a wine club after visiting the tasting room and learning about the wines. The Allegretto Winery tasting room staff always has the time to answer questions about the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles, wine in general, and talk about food pairings—or the more subtle flavor balancing —explain the Allegretto growing and winemaking process for each wine and chat about favorite films, books, or just about any other topic.

Subscribing to a free newsletter is another way to learn about wine and take advantage of other special offers.

The best deals on favorite wine

Wine club membership is convenient. Favorite wines are delivered on a regular schedule directly to home or office. Membership includes discounts on wine both for the delivery and by the bottle. The Allegretto Wine Club membership also includes discounts on merchandise and some events as well as invitations to member only events.

The best single vineyard Paso Robles wine club memberships include:

Symphony, a 25-percent discount on 12 bottles that are released three times a year.
Sonata, a six-bottle membership for wine released three times a year, plus 20-percent off of any bottle and merchandise.
Quartet, a four-bottle membership for wine released three times a year, plus 15-percent off of any bottle and merchandise.

Enjoyment of the tasting room, the Allegretto Resort and frequently announced Wine Club Member Only benefits are included.

Joining is easy, either at the tasting room or online.

Visit the tasting room

The wine menu at the Allegretto Vineyard and Wines tasting room include flights presenting estate white and rosé wines, and estate malbec, tannat, zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon.  Four different flights of award-winning wine are available. A special tasting room food menu from Allegretto Resort’s Cello Ristorante & Bar can be enjoyed with a bottle of wine in the family-friendly courtyard.

The Allegretto Vineyard and Wines tasting room is located at 2700 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles, CA 93446. Give us a call at (805) 369-2526.


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Experience award winning estate wines in Paso Robles at the Allegretto Tasting Room

The Allegretto Tasting Room offers a unique opportunity to sample some of the region’s best award-winning wines. Both estate and single vineyard wines are available from the Allegretto vineyards that surround the tasting room and the nearby Willow Creek District Wine tasting at Allegreto Tasting room gets you a fresh glass after each tasting and explanations about the wine. Purchase at least two bottles and the tasting fee is waived. Food and wine by the bottle are available in the family-friendly courtyard. The wine tasting list includes the gold medal winning 2013 and the 2014 single vineyard cabernet sauvignon, both from the Willow Creek Vineyard. The tasting room is also the place to experience a unique “flavor balancing” experience that adds a completely new view to wine and food pairings. The flavor balancing seminar was brought to Allegretto by John Stallcup, the Director of Wine Hospitality. John, the former Marketing VP for the wine group also co-founded the Napa Seasoning Company with Tim Hanni, MW, one of the originators of Flavor Balancing as well as being the first American to pass the Master of Wine Exam and the inventor of the Progressive Wine List. Flavor balancing has been adopted by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust not to mention a growing group of chefs, including Allegretto’s Chef Eric Olson, Jeremiah Tower, Michel Trama in Bordeaux, France, and Sarah Scott in the Napa Valley. Flavor balancing is a technique to learning to drink the wines one prefers with the food one likes to eat. Yes! White wine with steak! And here is how it’s done!

Flavor balancing—pairing wine with the diner

Because humans adapt to any sensation of sound, sight, hearing, touch, aroma or taste we can experience negative adaptations. The easiest way to understand a negative adaptation for tasting food is to brush your teeth and then drink orange juice. You experience only the bitterness of the orange juice because your taste adapted to the sweetness and it disappears to your sense of taste. When you “flavor balance” you avoid negative adaptations and accentuate positive ones. By adjusting the acid, salt, savory (umami) and bitterness levels, while avoiding sugar in entrees and sides, chefs create a balance that allows wine to work perfectly with a dish, regardless of the wine selection. Flavor balancing is the basis of many foods in wine cultures like Italy, which serves lemon with its famed Steak Florentine. It also works with cuisines that are popularly considered more difficult to pair with wines, like Thai, Chinese, and Indian. To experience flavor balancing at the Allegretto Tasting Room, first call ahead to schedule the time. You and your guests will have personal attention while engaging in the hands-on exercise of balancing the five primary tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. By balancing the primary tastes in the food you avoid negative adaptations, enhance positive adaptations and thereby enhance the experience of food and wine. Guests will also learn about negative and positive adaptations, how to avoid them as well as the difference between flavor and taste. You will learn how to pair wine with the diner, not the dinner.


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