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The Story of Allegretto Wines in Paso RoblesInspired & Crafted with Joy

Douglas Ayres' special connection with Paso Robles, California stems from the warmth of the community and the promising wine region it offers. This combination inspired him to choose Paso Robles as the location to build a destination resort and create world-class wines. The welcoming atmosphere of the community, coupled with the potential of the wine region, inspired Ayres' desire to contribute to the area's growth and reputation in the wine industry.

Doug Ayres Listens to Grapes

As a child on a trip to Paso Robles years ago, Douglas Ayres was awed by the beauty of the land, the warmth of the people, and the promising wine region. While later traveling through some of the most celebrated wine and cultural areas of the world, the memory of Paso Robles inspired him to return with a vision of owning and farming vineyards in Paso Robles, making world-class wine, and developing a destination-driven wine country resort called the Allegretto Vineyard Resort.

At Allegretto Wines, our commitment to excellence in winemaking is matched only by our dedication to sustainable and organic practices. In 2023, Doug Ayres embarked on an exciting journey as he joined hands with winemaker Don Burns of Turtle Rock Vineyard, forging a partnership rooted in shared values and a passion for exceptional wine.

Doug Ayres and Don Burns bring with them not only years of experience in the wine industry but also a profound belief in the principles of organic and biodynamic farming. These principles resonate deeply with Allegretto Wines, as they understand the vital importance of nurturing the land and respecting the environment in which Allegretto Vineyard’s grapes thrive.

Doug Ayres vineyard harvest

Allegretto Wines’ collaboration with Don Burns signifies more than just a business venture; it represents a meeting of minds, a fusion of philosophies that place quality and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of winemaking while staying true to the earth and the communities we serve. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, inspire, and raise a glass to a future filled with outstanding wine and enduring partnerships.